Hi! I’m Lukas, a user experience designer hailing from Germany, living in San Francisco working for Google.

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I strive to connect...

People with Technology.

I believe that technology can never be a means to an end but that it should always serve people. My Design Thinking and UX Design education empowers me to shape technology and translate it into meaningful experiences.

Let’s design for the user.

Design across Disciplines.

For me collaboration is a necessity to create great products. My background in business and engineering enables me to transcend classical boundaries, understand different perspectives and work with diverse teams.

Let’s collaborate.

Ideas to Products.

Working in startups and founding two myself showed me that ideas don’t matter – execution does. Today this drives to me to push an idea through iterative prototyping and testing into actual production.

Let’s build something great.

Data Interface as a Service

UX Design | Product Management | Startup Launch

Co-founded Adminca to make it easier to manage backend data. Designed, built and launched an application that allows users to quickly create intuitive and powerful admin panels.

Panels can be setup and customized within seconds without writing any code. Over 500 sign-ups from startups and agencies within the first two months. more...

Internship Projects

Interaction Design | Prototyping | UX/UI Design

Designed a new calendar interface for Mavenlink’s project management application. Now users can view company events, their own tasks and request time off.

Also prototyped new interaction paradigms for the product’s overall main task and led usability tests with new and current users. This interaction is now part of the product. more...

Marketplace App Design

User Research | UX Design | Usability Testing

Based on an in-depth study, our team designed and prototyped ReX. An application that allows users to buy and sell pre-owned items and brings the garage sale into the mobile age.

It supports a clear and simple communication between buyers and sellers that provides an atmosphere of trust. more...

Explore the Startup Landscape

Data Analytics | UX Design | Information Visualization

Designed and launched StartupViz, a fully interactive visualization of the US startup landscape.

Based on funding data users can explore everything from general trends in specific sectors or regions to funding round details for a particular startup. more...<

The Future of Car Repair

Design Thinking | Prototyping | Business Model Innovation

Worked on an international team that was challenged to shape the future of car repair in the automotive aftermarket. Designed a new repair ecosystem including an app that connects to the user’s car to provide a simpler car management solution.

Developed over 50 prototypes of products and business ideas over the course of 9 months as part of the Stanford University Global Alliance for Redesign. more...

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